Report graffiti

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We're all for creativity and a vibrant city - just not on our electrical network. Let's work together in stamping out graffiti and keeping Christchurch beautiful.

Here are some examples of our network equipment to help you identify them. You will also see the sign below on all of our building substations, kiosks and distribution enclosures.

Warning sign - Do not enter!We want to keep everyone safe so, remember, only our contractors should remove graffiti on any of the network equipment.

Anyone identified or caught tagging or placing posters on our network equipment will be reported to the NZ Police.

Operating under covid alert levels

Level 2 & 1

During alert level 1 & 2 please send through your reports as our teams will be out attending to graffiti as usual. 

Level 3 & 4

At Alert level 3 & 4 please keep sending your graffiti reports through – but please note while we are at these higher alert levels, we won’t be out and about removing graffiti. If the graffiti is offensive we will review and a team member may attend if it is urgent.

Please fill out the form below to report graffiti


Please provide a wide shot showing the location of the equipment